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tv   Today in the Bay  NBC  December 28, 2011 4:30am-5:00am PST

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new this morning, a small new occupy en campment has sprung up in a different part of oakland. it looks like they have a new and en dachlt i'm christie smith. i'll have the story in a live report. neighbor turning in neighbor. the sparp air crackdown turning many people into grinches this holiday season. we'll tell you if anyone here in the bay area was the big winner of last night's $206 million jackpot. we serve up a live look at the golden gate bridge on this wednesday, december 28th, "today in the bay."
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very good morning everybody. the time is 4:30. i'm jon kelley. >> i'm marla tellez in for laura garcia-cannon today. we have a lot to get into, but first let's check the forecast with meteorologist christina loren. >> good morning. good news is we're just about as mild as yesterday. no temperatures this morning below freezing just yet. gilroy, you've got the best chance of seeing the freezing mark. we've got changes on the way. i am bringing in a little rain even to the south bay. i'll tell you when coming up. first, we want to check that drive. people slowly but surely getting back to work. >> the construction crews are back to work overnight. because of the rain fell off, they were able to do that around sycamore valley road. a tarp reported across lanes northbound 680 as you're coming
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up past el costa. if i get more details from chp, i'll pass it on. it is 4:31 right now. after being kicked out of a list of locations over the past few months, this morning, occupy oakland has set up a brand new encampment, this time in west oakland in a vacant lot on peralta street. this one called the cypress triangle. christie smith live in oakland where occupiers set up more than a dozen tents so far. good morning, christie. >> reporter: good morning, jon. certainly not as visible as the encampment at frank ogawa plaza at city hall. a fence here on peralta avenue, maybe a dozen or so tents this morning. they're calling it cypress triangle. it looks like may may have a slightly new agenda, the occupy movement. the large encampment in front of
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city hall was cleared out weeks ago. a couple others popped up in various parts of oakland. this is tied to the occupy wall street movement over financial inequality. according to one of the occupy websites this morning, a group will be meeting tonight at ogawa plaza at 5:00 as they've done in the past, one of their ideas, apparently a proposal to take a large building as a social center. the action date on that they're saying is sometime in january. it says it would be a vacant building owned by a bank or the 1% or an already public building. after a lot of become and forth with police and the city, they basically came up where the plan that occupiers could assemble but didn't want them camping overnight. i had calls into the oakland police department to see if they're even aware of this new small encampment, but so far haven't heard anything back. live in oakland, christie smith.
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i'll send it back to you guys in san jose. it is 4:33 now. fremont police are looking for not one, but two drivers involved in a deadly hit and run. this happened monday night on hardenwood boulevard. a 56-year-old homeless man was crossing the busy street when he was hit by a mid sized suv. then a second car right behind the suv also ran the man over. both cars kept going. police in gilroy looking for a man accused of robbing a walmart store. take a look at this surveillance image. the suspected robber is wearing a giants baseball cap, as you can see, and a white and white reeboks jacket. police say he walked to the cashier, demanded money, did not show a weapon. the employee was very cautious, gave the man some cash before he took off. some scary momention for passengers aboard a southwest
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airlines flight from sacramento international airport. the 737 was taking off for seattle last night when two of those tires blew. the pilot quickly aborted takeoff. one passenger describes what it was liking. >> the front of the plane was starting to go down and then boom, it started shaking really bad. then you felt the plane go back down. it stopped on the runway. still sitting throughout with all the flashing lights. >> emergency crews were called to hose down the 737 as a precaution. no one was hurt. investigators still trying to determine the cause of those blowouts. san jose city leaders respond to one group's criticism of a new law. starting on sunday, police will not be responding to business alarms unless someone on scene actually confirms a break-in. city leaders say 98% of all the alarms are actually false. with fewer cops on the beat and a growing population, this will ensure police focus on high
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priority calls. the california alarm association is asking mayor chuck reed to put the law on hold and look at other options, delay the start of this law. >> with this environment of really constrained resources, we have to really deliver the best service we can. >> in a tough predicament. i'm going to have to be careful when i do leave town. >> city council member pete constance says the law will take effect on sunday. it costs the city $60,000 every year for responding to false alarms. police, as they were saying, have to focus on high priority calls. it's 4:36 right now. more than 400 people tattled on their neighbors for lighting wood fires in their home. poor air quality triggered spare-the-air days on christmas eve and christmas day. bay area air quality police didn'tish used fines, but
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sifting through 77 cases of potential violater. if you're planning a new year's eve party, a ban may be in place this weekend as well. first-time violations will get a warning. repeat offenders will get a $400 ticket. >> you have to break out a space heater and maybe an extra blanket. it won't be quite as romantic, but it will work. >> it will work. >> let's check in with meteorologist christina loren. >> we will be a couple degrees cooler today. the biggest difference between this time yesterday and this morning is we don't have any fog to report just yet. i'm expecting quite a bit to develop though. as we head through the next few hours, good morning to you. we'll see another nice day. we're in the heart of winter now. temperatures are slowly but surely going to creep up this afternoon as we get rid of that fog. we'll have to wait until about noon before it's warm enough to people off the layers. 40 degrees up in santa rosa. here it is. we've got clouds on the way
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throughout the day today. you'll see the clouds increase. the clouds headed over the north bay will keep your temperatures in the 40s. i don't think anywhere up here will hit the freezing mark as we head through the next few hours. we have changes to the forecast. bridging in some very, very light precipitation into the south bay. i'll tell you when that arrives coming up. first we'll check your drive with mike inouye. 4:38, how is it looking. >> looking early. confirmation from chp this tarp reported in lanes only in your left lane. it might drift around. they have a queue heading out there. a little slowing further north. there is construction around sycamore valley road. a little slowing. be careful as you pass through that area. that's a 14-minute travel time out of the altamont pass to the dublin interchange. a live look at 880 past the coliseum, nimitz freeway on the
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live shot a. nice ease sive drive between the coliseum and the toll plaza. back to you. mike, did you buy a lottery ticket? >> i did. i didn't check it. >> someone is a new multimillionaire. but they don't live in california. they live in new york. nearly a $152 cash payout. people lined up to the last minute to get those tickets. while none of them won the millions in california, one of them could have won about $250,000 by matching five of the numbers. if you're holding a ticket, here we go. the winning numbers, 23, 32, 33, 39, 43 and the mega number 8. >> i knew i forgot to do something yesterday. >> me, too. 4:39. a bay area man is part of the national film history. we'll explain coming up. >> we'll make a deal to buy them together from now on. we'll split it. >> buy you may get money back
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when you bought a lcd tv when they first came out. details of a new class action settlement. what you hear is what you take. the new link you want to think act when you have your next glass of wine. for your news an weather traffic updates, check out facebook, just search nbc bay area news. here is a live look over, yes, san jose, all the pretty lights off in the distance. we'll check the forecast with christina when we come back. stay with us, 4:40.
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as mikes inway says, traffic right now is early. not too bad there on 880 flowing through oakland. we like the looks of that. it's a cool start to the day. it's 4:33. thousands of north koreans braved the snow to watch the funeral procession of kim jong il. some swept, some bowed as the procession made its way through the streets of north korean's cam tall. close shots of military personnel and civilians reacting in grief as the procession drove by. kim jong il who led the nation after his father's day in 1984 died of a maert attack december 17th. state media describes the snow
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as the skies mourning for kim. the founder and president of a very popular surfer website is dead. 59-year-old sean collins collapsed while playing tennis on monday in newport beach. he died a short time later at a local hospital. his website, forecasted global surfing conditions. more than a half million people logon every month. trading slowed around the world as investors near the end of 2011. for a look at that and the rest of your news before the bill, we turn to julia boorstin live from cnbc headquarters. good morning, julia. we apparently have julia with cnbc world headquarters. perhaps we will in our next hour. let's check the forecast though. do we have meteorologist christina loren? >> i bet we do. >> well, it is christmas, i'm giving you a belated christmas
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gift. you do have christina loren this morning. we have rain in the forecast. as we head through the next couple hours, we'll see more cloud cover push into the north bay. it's the cloud cover keeping you so nice and mild this morning, whereas we had the 20sality this time last week for several days. it's the 40s now. i don't think you'll dip into the 20s with all the clouds right now. watch the nature of these showers as they move in. they've vab rate right before they get to the sonoma county line. we'll see maybe a few stray showers sneak into places like santa rosa. as we head throughout your afternoon, we'll see a pretty nice day, especially in the south bay where we're expecting moral sunshine. 45 in san mateo. everybody knows now we're getting showers and more of an onshore flow, we'll get better air quality finally. the haze has been suspended in our atmosphere, especially over the south bay.
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you've got a pretty good look at the sky yesterday from san francisco with increasing onshore flow. the moisture tends to come in and clear out our atmosphere. we're expecting fog to develop over the next couple hours. as we head through out probably 12:00 today, we'll start to see the clouds slide to the south. increasing clouds today. today not as much sun as yesterday. temperatures only a touch cooler. what's happening is the big dome, the dry dome that kept us so clear all week long is starting to push off to the east. that's enabling this onshore flow to bring in the fog. mostly cloudy starts will make for milder conditions. here it is. this is what i've been promising you. 6:00 a.m. on friday, we stop the clock on futurecast. take a look, not much, but enough rain comes through the south bay to really cleanse our atmosphere. that's the good news. the other good news is those showers stop at 4:00 p.m. friday. you don't have to worry about showers coming down on your new
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year's celebration. looking good as we head through the next couple days. i'll have the full seven-day forecast in moments. now we do want to check in with julia boorstin at cnbc world headquarters for a look at the news before the bell. good morning, julia. >> good morning to you, marla. futures are higher this morning after the markets closed near the flat line on tuesday. it was the lightest trading day of the year with just 2 billion shares changing hands. a positive report on consumer confidence was over shadowed by a bigger than expected drop in u.s. home prices. news that sears holdings is closing 120 sears and kmart stores after a poor start to the holiday season weighed on market sentiment. europe is in focus as itly tries to sell billions in government bonds. asia fell overnight. europe is positive. yesterday the dow slipped two points to end at 12,291, the nasdaq rising six points to
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2,625. sharp, samsung and five other makers of lcd screens agreed to pay $551 million to settle price fixing charges. lcd monitors are used in smart phones as well as tvs. the bulk of the money will go to refund customers who bought the products between 1999 and 2006. marla, i guess it's time to check and figure out if your tv might qualify you. >> mine is spanking brand new. it's not going to qualify unfortunately. julia, thanks. a total of 25 films going into the library of congress's national film registry this morning including -- >> my mamma always said life was like a box of chocolates. you never know what you're going to get. >> oh, y yes, the classic 1994 smash hit, run, forest, run.
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that's "forest gump," one of those 25 films as culturally or aesthetically historic to the culture. "the kid," "the silence of the lambs," the disney movie "bambi," cried at that one. a one-minute film titled "a computer animated hand," created back in 1972 by pixar's co-founder. it's one of the first examples of 3d computer animation. everyone knows to pair food with wine. new research suggests the right music may be just as important. a study from the uk suggests your taste in music might influence how you taste wine. researchers had a group of taste testers drink either a chardonnay or cabernet soef i don't know.
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no matter what they drank, they consistently described their wines according to the background tunes. experts say we have a physical reaction to music. >> if it has a slow beat, our heart rate kind of matches it. >> okay. some wine connoisseurs aren't easily swayed. they say no matter what kind of music is playing in the background, it doesn't affect their enjoyment of their favorite vino. >> people seem to enjoy everything more when they're drinking lots of vino. coming up -- >> a lot of times you don't see a lot of good stories, don't hear a lot of people that made it out. for me it's bigger than just me. >> bring it on. you might call her the female rocky. a bay area woman going for gold in what could be a history-making moment. caldecott, crews are finally punching through the mountain. a nice easy drive for 24.
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i'll show you mats going on in the south bay when we come back.
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4:53. dash cam video was released showing a michigan man's wild ride that began with a stolen patrol car and ended with a
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bang. ryan cunningham will be in court for swiping the car on friday and leading police on a one-hour chase through three counties. after making it through several tight spots, he finally crashes. no injuries have been reported, but cunningham faces multiple charges including felony fleeing, illegal firearms possession and operating a meth lab. >> was that video from a cop car there or his car? >> i think from the cop car. >> felt like a movie. >> no kidding. let's get something on the roads that doesn't make you feel quite as sick. it's mike inouye. >> look at the south bay, guys. no problems for the northbound speed sensors on our maps, looking really good. the commute not even interrupted by any major construction throughout most of the south bay, but coming into the area, you do have northbound 17 restricted. construction closer to los gatos, right around santa cruz boulevard all the way up to lark avenue. the lark avenue off-ramp is
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closed. from the northbound direction though. most of our viewers going southbound. let's look at the san mateo bridge, across the water, highway 92 westbound with the taillights, coming off 101 with the headlights. a nice clear view for all bay area bridges, a smooth drive right now. back to you. >> thank you very much. you being a huge rocky fan. from street fighter to olympic hopeful, a san francisco woman who grew up in a tough neighborhood turned her survival skills into a passion in the boxing ring. >> as nbc's bay area's jean elle shows us, she's competing in the first ever women's boxing olympic trials. rah quell miller moves fast in the ring, she learned fighting moves growing up in san francisco's bayview. >> growing up in an area where you have to fight, sometimes you have to fight. >> reporter: all growing up, the 26-year-old is determined to be
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a knockout in the ring. >> my biggest thing is to show them you can turn a negative into a positive. that's not a cool thing. but boxing is a cool thing. if you want recognition for being tough, get in the ring and prove it. >> reporter: under the watchful eye of trainer ben bautista, miller has proven her ability, winning her chance to fight in the first ever women's boxing olympic trials in february. >> it's funny now. it's starting to seem like it's a big deal. it's exciting. the first time ever. i'm one of the eight women in the nation that are going. >> reporter: miller can barely contain her joy. bautista is pushing for perfection. >> when she's going to the trials, she'll be facing the best in the nation. they'll be capitalizing on her mistakes. i want to make sure we don't make no mistakes. >> reporter: miller is working out six days a week, focused on going for gold, even paying attention to the olympic uniform
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controversy. boxers may be required to wear skirts during competition. >> being i'm a girly girl, i like skirts. as a female boxer, we should have the choice. >> reporter: with a strong mind and even stronger body, miller is grateful for a chance to compete on the world stage and ready to bring a success story home to the bayview. >> when i'm in the ring fighting, it's not just me in there. it's all the friends i lost, their mothers and children. i'm fighting for everybody. you don't hear a lot of people that made it out. for me, it's bigger than me. >> reporter: jean elle, nbc bay area news. >> raquel heads in washington. there are just 211 days until the games begin. 4:57 right now. the governor wearing in on the recent port of oakland shutdown for occupy protesters. a small plane crash in the east bay sends two people to th.
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